Forbes Council: Seven Considerations New Homebuyers Should Take Care To Remember

Buying a home is serious business, and it’s not easy. Many people bask in the idea of owning their own home without realizing all of the details that come with it. This includes in the early stages when someone is looking to purchase a home. There are a number of details that can either positively or negatively impact buying a home and being informed about them is the best defense.

Members of the  Forbes Real Estate Council offered some information that first-time homebuyers may not know about. Here’s what our own Thomas McCormack had to say:

HGTV and other programming have done a tremendous disservice to both homebuyers and sellers, but no one group is quite so enthralled by the fiction that has been produced as first homebuyers. Reality TV makes homebuyers think the process is easy, is stress-free and happens like clockwork. What’s missing is the real stress of the search for the right house, the emotional wave of the negotiation process, the heartbreak of losing a house to another buyer and the surprises found during an inspection. The result: too many buyers who think they “know better” and come into the process unprepared and with very unrealistic expectations. Working with an experienced professional will help. Sometimes, a solid dose of reality (i.e. losing out in a multiple bid situation) is the best teacher of all. – Thomas McCormack, Resources Real Estate

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