Luxury Real announces Resources Real Estate to launch Resources Title Company.

Resources Proud:

As featured on Luxury Real, we are excited to announce the launch of Resources Title, a joint venture with Foundation Title in New Jersey. Resources Title will offer title insurance services for lenders and owners of both residential and commercial properties, title searches and abstracts, as well as real estate settlement services.

Scott Jakubowski and Courtney Westerlind will act as Resources Title’s sales representatives, bringing between the two of them more than 48 years of experience. “We are thrilled to announce this joint venture,” said Carolynn Ozar-Diakon, Senior Partner and Broker at Resources Real Estate. “Resources Title will allow Resources Real Estate to better serve our clients: both our buyers in their purchases, as well as any of our sellers who may have title issues and concerns.”

“Resources Title is a fantastic new addition to the Resources Real Estate family,” said Thomas McCormack, Managing Partner and Broker at Resources Real Estate. “Aside from the additional services we will now be able to offer our customers, Resources Title will be a superb resource for our own agents who will have greater access to information that can help resolve transactional issues.”

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