Real Estate Company Takes a Different Approach

waterfront marketing with a twist

RUMSON:  When most real estate agents “show a house” they usually drive up curbside, walk down the front walk and unlock the door.  One local real estate company takes a different approach… literally.  At least for waterfront homes.

Resources Real Estate, with offices in Rumson and Monmouth Beach, recently had their annual company boat launch party with a get-together at the Shrewsbury River Yacht Club in Fair Haven.  It was an opportunity for the agents to catch a little sun and learn a different way to market waterfront properties.

“We call our boat the ‘Resourceful’ and we find that it’s a unique way to market and show waterfront homes,” said Carolynn Ozar Diakon, senior partner and founder of the company.  “Let’s face it, when people want to live on the water, they want to experience it first-hand.  We thought it was important to provide them with water access.”

The 34’ boat is not just a way to travel to waterfront listings, it has also served  floating classroom for the past several years.

“We are lucky enough to live in an area with rivers, bays, lagoons and the ocean,” said Thomas McCormack, managing partner of the company.  “We’ve been able to learn first-hand about the local waterways and teach our agents so they have a better understanding of waterfront properties.”

Many agents said they have had clients who came to the area because they wanted to keep a boat at their home.  Others mentioned clients who are recreational fisherman or who enjoyed sailing and water sports.

“It makes a lot of sense because we sell a lot of waterfront homes,” said Helen George, sales associate.  “Anyone can open the door for you, but how many agents can allow you to arrive dockside to your new home?”

Diakon opened Resources Real Estate, a full service real estate company in 2000. McCormack, with the company since 2002, joined her as a partner in 2010.   Resources Real Estate is located at 112 East River Road in Rumson, NJ, and at 36 Beach Road in Monmouth Beach, NJ.  For more local real estate information or to inquire about a career in real estate, you can call 732-212-0440 or visit