Realtors Learn Meditation

Nicholas Fenimore - Online Marketing Coordinator

RUMSON, NJ:    RESOURCES Real Estate in Rumson started off the new year in the right frame of mind. Agents were recently invited to a “Lunch and Learn” interactive session to learn coping skills for business and daily life.

Kitty Blincoe, yogini and cancer survivor, specializing in therapeutic yoga and meditation, who says, “Yoga is not about touching your toes,” demonstrated breathing techniques to combat stress, insomnia, cancer and chronic disease and fatigue. She believes meditation practice can improve general health, mental concentration, enhance productivity, effectiveness and promote good communication, as well as help navigate potentially tense situations as found during real estate transactions.

“As a cancer survivor, I can attest to the power of meditation and yoga,” said Carolynn Diakon, Broker-Senior Partner. “Harnessing the strength to deal with a life-threatening illness is one of the biggest, if not the biggest challenges I’ve ever been faced with, and if not for my ability to breathe through it and remain grounded, I might not still be here.”

Thomas McCormack, Broker-Managing Partner, believes in providing various training and support for agents. “Any way we can help our team be more productive, happier and less stressed is better for all of us,” he says. “Natural methods for wellness are the best approach.”

Resources Real Estate is a full-service independent residential brokerage opened by Carolynn Diakon in 2000. Thomas McCormack, with the company since 2002, joined her as a partner in 2010. Resources Real Estate is located at 112 East River Road in Rumson, NJ, 36 Beach Road in Monmouth Beach and 4A West Front Street in Red Bank, NJ and 65 First Ave. in Atlantic Highlands. For more local real estate information or to inquire about a career in real estate, you can call (732) 212-0440 or visit