Resources Real Estate’s 2018 Predictions

Resources Real Estate Luxury Real Estate in Monmouth County, NJ 732-212-0440“Put your seat belts on! 2018 is the year where the real Estate Market will be taking off fast! ! With this ever changing Real Estate Market, both buyer’s and seller’s will need a Realtor who will maximize their home profit and negotiate on their behalf from start to finish!

  • Leading indicators points to stronger real estate outlook in 2018
  • Low mortgage rates will continue to stimulate home purchases
  • Low inventory continues until the second half of the year (so Listing now is the important)

It has been a roller coaster decade in real estate. From the vertiginous heights of the early-to-mid 2000’s to the abysmal lows of 2008-2012, housing prices have nearly come full circle. The real estate market is healthy, and has a strong upside potential in 2018 and beyond. Choose a Realtor who has seen the changes and can take you from start to finish, winning!”

~Irene Zitzner~Broker Manager~Rumson Office