5 BIGGEST turnoffs about your house.

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When selling your property – it pays to put on the buyer mindset. What is a buyer looking for? When they come to my house, what will make them want to live here? It doesn’t matter if your home is small and cozy or a palatial mansion. Buyers do NOT want the following.

1. The seller that stays home.
Why? They need to feel comfortable in the space, they need to imagine themselves living there. Eating in the kitchen, relaxing in the family room, watching the kids out of the kitchen window. They can’t do that with the seller on the other side of the wall. They generally get in and out of those houses the fastest. If they like the space, they will come back,  if they come back and they really like the space then they may have some questions. But the buyer needs the emotional space to picture unpacking and moving in.
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4 signs you are ready for a change

Ever wonder whether it is time for you to downsize, should I wait another year, 5 years. Buy a condo – what to do. Here are 4 signs to tell you are ready……

1. Not using all your rooms

If you find yourself using less than 50% of your home, you are wasting your tax dollars and you are not maximizing your hard earned real estate.

2. Travel Plans

If you thinking of traveling and dreaming of just closing the front door and not having to worry about your house, you might be ready to think of lessening your responsibilities. Enjoy the extra time spent on maintenance and chores around the house to spend with the grand-kids.

3. Overwhelmed by all your ‘stuff’

If you feel a need to sigh when you open and close a closet, or close your eyes when you think about organizing your things. Probably time to divest. Studies show that the more clutter we accumulate, the more stress we experience.

4. Best Market 2015 – 2017

Market predictions are showing that NJ Median Home Prices are at 2003 pricing which is the halfway point during the up years, peaking in 2006. Market experts suggest that we will not see the 2006 prices again until 2025. Millennials (those born between 1980s to the early 2000s) are more likely to buy smaller homes on less land than their suburban parents. There will be an increased demand for townhouses – appealing to both ends of the market. Young buyers, the divorce market and downsizers.

If you have been dreaming of smaller space, more time, travel or less stuff – downsizing is most definitely an option to consider. Contact us for a confidential market analysis for your house info@resourcesrealestate.com or fill out the form below.


Gary Inman 1

“A Personal Sanctuary” was the design concept for this gorgeous master bedroom in last year’s Richmond Symphony Designer House in Richmond, Virginia designed by Gary Inman and Catherine Stanley of Glavé & Holmes Architecture, photographed here by Kip Dawkins. The designers envisioned a very serene space where the parents could escape the pressures of their lives and reconnect, rejuvenate, and perhaps share a romantic evening. I loved learning that the beautiful wall color (Benjamin Moore “Skyscraper”) was inspired by Matthew’s blue room in Downton Abbey! You can read all about the beautiful space here, and head on over to The Art of Fine Living–Gary Inman’s new blog, for even more design inspiration!
Source of post http://www.houseofturquoise.com/2015/02/glave-and-holmes-architecture.html

Wall color – Benjamin Moore “Skyscraper” 765
Bed – Niermann Weeks
Bedding – Yves Delorme
Window treatment – F. Schumacher – Chinois Palais – Aquamarine
Table – McKinnon & Harris
Chairs – Moore Councill
Settee – Kindel Furniture
Dresser – Kindel Furniture
Vanity – fabricated by Vangarde Woodworks
Botanicals – Blackwell Botanicals

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