Resources Real Estate is proud to present our Ambassador Award Recipients for 2014

In House Awards - Ambassador 2014Congrats on another group of wonderful agents. These savvy agents have been awarded the Ambassador Award,

Congrats to Gina Farkouh, Maggie Kemler, Nicholas McCabe, Danielle Shaw and Irene Zitzner, WELL DONE.

Team Spirit Oct 2014

Each month at Resources Real Estate we acknowledge the efforts of our agents – not only production but also team spirit. We believe that having a culture of working as a team “which in my experience is not the norm, is a culture that helps the seller enormously. We reward both Team Spirit and Perseverance. Some transactions are so stressful and where others would throw their hands up and give up, we know that hanging in there and thinking outside the box and coming up with solutions that will get the client to the finish line is hard. We salute those agents that keep going to make it happen for their clients.

Irene Zitzner is an energetic and successful agent, that always finds the time to help others. She has been a consistent winner of the Team Spirit Award.

Irene Zitzner - Sales Associate