Luxury Real Estate Group Recognizes Preservation and Restoration

MIDDLETOWN,NJ – Resources Real Estate Broker and Senior Partner, Carolynn Diakon, has recently invested in the restoration of another historic home. Her new project is located on the Navesink River in the Locust section of Middletown Township.

This is not a new undertaking for Carolynn and husband Bob, who have restored several, and encourage historic preservation. Carolynn believes that no project is too big when it comes to preservation of historic homes. One example of this was an original farmhouse in Eatontown New Jersey, circa 1768, which Carolynn and Bob purchased. Diakon says “the home was close to being condemned and would have been demolished”

The home was originally owned by the Wolcott family, one the early settlers to Eatontown (originally part of Shrewsbury). Carolynn loved the house and wanted generations to enjoy

“The house had suffered terrible neglect and was close to being condemned. I could not bear to see it not preserved. We were amazed to see the huge boat timbers that were used for original construction. Michael Calafati, an architect that specialized historic homes, gave us some great insights. Both of us are members of the Monmouth County Historical Board, and have a great affection for the preservation of historic sights.”

Carolynn and Bob, have restored and several other homes in Monmouth County. One in Monmouth Beach on the ocean, that had once a part of a much larger house which had been moved to Rumson. According to local lore. One of their biggest challenges was the former Bathurst ‘Summer Cottage’ located on Belknap Lane in Rumson. The home, far larger than one might expect when picturing a cottage, was built in 1875 and once home to Lord and Lady Bathurst. “The home retained many original features that we preserved along with a carriage house that still had coach and horse design remnants and chauffeur quarters. This home also suffered years of neglect and many roof leaks, that needed immediate attention in order to start the restoration project”

Pictured: Water view of Navesink River home

Carolynn and Bob’s latest project is rich with history along with some famous past residents. An old farmhouse with a turn of the century addition, rich wide wide plank floors. It was formerly home to the daughter to the Hardy Boys and Drew series novelist. As well as being rumored to be a house that Bruce Springsteen lived in before moving across the river.

Diakon remarks, “If we do not preserve historic buildings, we lose a vital part of our history for future generations. This not only washes away the past, but completely changes the character of an area”.